Monthly poem - May


When the hedges are splashed with limey white
and in the wood
the bluebells are ringing their high blue notes in pools of light.

The workers who laid down their tools to earn their human rights

Once I leant my head against the trunk of a beech tree not yet in leaf
Oh was all I said, remembering the tramp of your feet
the slap of your boot buckle with every tread.

The workers who dared to form unions to unite

Here comes May with her white blossoms sprawling
through the long white days
her cups are printed with pink where bees go crawling.

The workers who put up their fists and had to fight

How the tulips swell their satin heads
plucked from Chinese wall paper
the rich colours of spring are burnt orange and blood red.

An eight hour day, an eight hour night


Jehane Markham

Photo of Jehane Markham by Heini Schneebeli

Jehane Markham is a true poet...
her poems glow like impressionist paintings.

Adrian Mitchell

Love wells up out of Jehane Markham's work... it made me cry.
Gillian Allnutt

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Sixteen Sunsets - Poetry meets the Blues
in memory of Roger Lloyd Pack
Thursday 9 June 2016
7.15 for 7.30pm
Admission free, an event in support of Pancreatic Cancer UK
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Highgate Library Civic and Cultural Centre in the Children's Corner, Croftdown Road London NW5 1HB

16 Sunsets


Sixteen Sunsets
Aldeburgh Festival 2016
The Pumphouse 7pm
Sunday 19 June 2016

Jehane Markham Trio performing
The London Series

Burgh House, Hampstead
July 23 2016 Private party


Poetry Making From Myths
May 11, 18, 25, (half term 2016)
June 8, 15, 22
Studio 28 Chocolate Factory 1
5 Clarendon Road, London N22 6XJ
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