Monthly poem - July


There's my father turning the lines of hay,
the soft green lines that snake across the shorn field.

In that hot week in July, he had scythed the long grass
avoiding the marshy sections where the prangs of horse-tail grew.

Swish, swish, the curved blade had glided over the stems,
toppling clover and speckled orchids,

buttercups and thistles,
scattering seeds and buds in sparks of falling green.

There's my father in his French straw hat, turning the lines of hay,
the emerald grasses drying to another texture

dusty and sweet.


Jehane Markham

Photo of Jehane Markham by Heini Schneebeli

Jehane Markham is a true poet...
her poems glow like impressionist paintings.

Adrian Mitchell

Love wells up out of Jehane Markham's work... it made me cry.
Gillian Allnutt

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July 23 2016 Private party